Traditional delights

The cooking of Parian people had all these as ingredients while fish and meat were rarely on their table. The housewives, however, lovers of the kitchen “wedded” the ingredients that had at their disposal … creating dishes that characterize the cuisine of Paros. Food in Paros, except for the taste, is characterized by high nutritional value. So it is worth to try the chickpeas cooked overnight in the wood-oven, the excellent fish titbits, such as sun-dried fish the so-called “guna” (salted-sun-dried mackerel), string beans salad with garlic sauce.

Also, you will be thrilled by Paros’ cheeses (gruyere, touloumotyri, sour myzithra etc.), and the olives, mainly the askoudes. Of course, a balanced meal is complemented by a very well kneaded bread, but mainly with wine from the famous vineyards of Paros such as the red Mandilaria and the white Monemvasia. Now, for tsipouro lovers, Paros offers the famous “suma” which accompanies wonderfully every kind of appetizers.

The Parian flavors are many and delicious and worth trying them all. Most certainly, Parian figs, the so-called “samota” have a special place on the Parian table along with the so called “spoon” sweets.